Please don't hesitate to contact me with any problems or questions, I have a lot of experience and can help you resolve most issues very inexpensively or point you in the right direction!  This would include UTI's and skin problems :) 




We are feeding Purina one smart blend large breed puppy food mixed with Rachael Ray puppy, ( quick note, I’ve had people say that the same food from amazon is very different than what you get from chewy or petco and the puppies won’t eat it!  Very strange!). we will add warm water to a bowl this may help if the puppy is not wanting to eat.  I chose purina puppy and dog chow Because they spend millions on research and development and they have only had a couple limited recalls.  At 12 weeks of age you need to start switching him over to adult food,  you can mix any left over puppy 50 / 50 with the adult until it is gone.  


This is to control growing to fast and by doing this along with limiting exercise for first 2 years you are helping to insure your dog lives a more physically fit life.  Also, it is recommended to wait at least 2 years before getting the puppy spayed or neutered!  This helps in the different leg bones growing at same rate.  The dogs need their hormones!! 


Do not change your puppies diet right away after getting him, this will help the puppy maintain his solid poo!!!!  Wait 10 days before getting vaccinations!!  Get rabies shot on a different day as other vaccines, and only get the 1 year rabies!  I will gladly help you with anything that comes up!!  We have spent hours with these guys and have become emotionally attached to them before you get him and we want them to have as easy transition as possible because we care about them!



The first 3 days after getting your new puppy are usually the most difficult time for the puppy!  Stress from the move can start up some simple problems but they do need to be addressed!!   You can sometimes expect the puppy to get low blood sugar or act a little lethargic, and its very simple to treat.  Just give your puppy about 3 Tablespoons of DARK KERO SYRUP, you should see a difference in energy level and wanting to eat within 30 min. 


If the warm water in his food isn't helping him eat you can add ONLY a Tablespoon of canned to his food and that should make him happy But too much canned gives them diarrhea!! This brand/flavor is what we use and should not cause any stomach irritation .  If you can't get your puppy to eat there is something going on with him, because they leave here eating good or they don't leave!!!! 


We will have gotten a fecal done on your puppy before you take him home but they still sometimes will get some runny poo and chances are the stress from the move will turn that negative fecal to a positive!!  You simply need to take a sample in and have it checked for parasites and then treat them and it doesn't hurt to treat for parasites without having a fecal done.  I would strongly recommend having this Pro-Pectalin on hand!!  In a crunch you can give Pepto-Bismol,  teaspoon for every 10 lbs.  It can be offered every 6 to 8 hours.  If after a few dosages you still having a problem you need to go to vet

12 weeks


 **It is very important to get your puppy off puppy food at 12 weeks!!  Your vet probably will not have heard of this but  you can google it or get on some golden forums to learn more.  Having the biggest, fattest golden retriever may be cute but it is not in the best interest of the dog!!  Puppy food and high protein dog foods make your puppy grow too fast causing growth issues!!  If your puppy continues to get fat on adult you then will need to feed him less food.  At 12 Weeks we are feeding 8 cups of adult a day, that needs to be watched; if he is getting too thin feed him more and too fat feed him less.  Take pictures and evaluate his weight every Sunday, its not easy maintaining a dogs weight but it is very worth it!!**

4 to 8 months


Lots of times at the age between 4 and 8 months the puppy will have a pretty big growth spurt and will be pretty uncomfortable and even limp.  This can go on for quite a while and the best thing you can do for him is to continue feeding the quality adult dog food, manage his weight(now and throughout life), limit activity, joint supplements are great, dont let him run up and down the steps and jump off furniture.  You really just need to wait this out and let him grow!!  Swimming is a great activity for them!




As far as collars go I like to use a slip solid dog leash.  reasons why is it is not safe to leave a collar on your dog when you aren't around and your puppy is going to be out growing collars very fast!



We are loyal users of NuVet Plus Supplements!  When you set up auto ship you will receive a bottle every 90 days, so that is only $.52 a day!  The best part is they love the NuVet and take it like a treat!

Call 1-800-474-7044 and use Order Code 10646 or visit www.nuvet.com/10646 .  By using auto ship you save 15%!  NuVet is for the health of your dog for the life of your dog!



Your dog is going to get worms, they get worms from walking on soil or eating certain things :(  If you see your dog has worms you can order safe-guard off chewy and treat him!  Just read the directions on dosage, if you've seen worms in his poo than he has been diagnosed!


Help fix your Runny poo with Probiotics!!!!

 It is important to get your guy on probiotics.  If your vet prescribes Metronidazole for Guardia, its an antibiotic that kills his good stuff in his gut making it so he can’t resolve the issue of Guardia on his own.  As your puppy gets older he will be able to tackle Guardia on his own but now he needs you to give him probiotics.  They get Guardia from the outdoors like running in mud puddles and wet grass after the rain, even well water... it’s just part of life.  Your dog can have Guardia and actually test negative for it, so if your dog has runny poo suggest this to your vet and you get some probiotics on the way home as well!




There are different ways to train a dog to go potty outside.  The easiest is to have a doggie door that leads to the fenced in yard.  Another great way is to start your puppy off in a smaller room of the house, like your kitchen and as they master that room give him a bigger room.  You can also start with a small crate and when they master that go to a large crate and then the kitchen and graduate to 4even more of the house.  3rd way I usually end up doing is having my dog on a leash, this way when I get busy with something he can get my 

attention because he is right by my side and we can run right outside.  This also works very well with a puppy who is in the chewing stage because he is right by you and you should notice what he is doing, you can save your remote!!  This is a great way to bond with your new puppy too.  I will also say with leash training your dog its best to always keep them on one side of you and out to the front!  As your dog gets bigger, if you have let him get used to getting behind you and going from side to side, sooner or later he is going to trip you up and you could get hurt.  Its better to get these good habits started while they are small.



I'm here 24/7 you can call, text, or email!!  You can contact me if you need help re homing your dog for whatever reason!!